About us

Welcome to E-apteka.am!

Our online pharmacy provides you with the convenience of ordering your medical, health, and cosmetic related products with just a click of a button! With fast and easy delivery, you will receive your products in no time. The E-apteka team’s mission is to offer you with an e-pharmacy option that has a wide selection of your favorite products, right at your fingertips. Save yourself from a trip to the pharmacy, place your order today! We guarantee the lowest prices, and the highest quality for all pharmacy products. 

With E-apteka.am, you have the opportunity to not only order products, but obtain detailed information about them. Check our detailed descriptions to learn more about each item, or send us a message through our Live Chat to get fast answers from one of our expert pharmacists!

Still have questions? Call us at 374 10 230835 to speak with one of our representatives. We are available around the clock to give you free advice, recommendations, and clarification for any product. 

We offer in-person delivery throughout the entire Yerevan radius, and ship products to all customers located outside of Yerevan. We look forward to working with you and serving your pharmacy needs!


The E-apteka Team